I spent long time to involve and learn how to take picture from my friends. Afterward,
I joined Malang Photography Club. On a long journey of my intention to pursue my better future, I strengthened my knowledge by attending many seminars while academically I studied to MR. KUMARA PRASETYA who guided me to comprehend every meaning a photographer should carry out.

All the things you are enjoying right now are my works. I made them in various circumstances. In sadness, happiness, and even when I was in confusion. I was surprised myself to find out that merely with my eyes, heart and my right point finger,
I could travel around this beloved country, visiting many beautiful places that I never imagined before. I get opportunity to enjoy perspective sceneries which formerly could only be tasted by wealthy people. As a matter of fact, now I feel richer since I have a lot of friends every where who can accept me as I am.
How beautiful life is.

However, there is a time when I am unable to do my duty to take picture because of the very strict schedule I should follow. For this reason, I would be so relieved to recommend you to my reliable colleague for the best result, with beautiful and everlasting image
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